Blendjet 2 - Portable Blender

Quick Verdict - 4 out of 5

The Blendjet 2 is a serious piece of kitchen hardware. The stainless steel cutting head is powerful and able to shred fruit to ice. The blender has a self-cleaning mode which is quick and effective. The construction of the blender is a sturdy plastic that can withstand various knocks.

The most impressive feature of the blender is it is portable and USB-C rechargeable making it possible to blend food at work, the gym, even camping. The Blenderjet 2 comes in a large array of colours. It would be difficult to find a Blender with all these features and this competitive price.

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I use a blender every morning to prepare a smoothie to start the day. After owning a variety of bullet blenders and having them all disintegrate or fail, my partner decided to purchase a better quality blender and opted for something more expensive than a basic K-mart appliance.

The blender's construction was far superior to anything that I had used previously. The motor is powerful and the stainless steel blades cut through frozen fruit like butter.

The clear plastic vessel has a handy measuring gauge to help you measure out quantities of food is required.

Amazingly this product is also waterproof in case you drop it into a swimming pool for whatever reason.

What makes the Blendjet 2 stand out from its competitors is its ability to be recharged via USB-C.

I found this to be a great feature, making it possible to prepare protein smoothies after a trip to the gym without having to return home.

The Blendjet can perform approximately 14 mixes before it needs recharging again which is reasonable for a blender but makes the unit extremely portable. The unit also charges super fast via USB - C.

I have not encountered any problems with the device in the 3 months that I have owned it which is vastly different from the last blender from K-mart I purchased which its plastic blade connector disintegrated after 2 weeks. (I guess you get what you pay for)

Material Quality

The plastic construction appears to be extremely sturdy and I have not encountered any issues with any of the moving parts of the blender.

“What makes the Blendjet 2 stand out from its competitors is its ability to be recharged via USB-C.”


The design of Blendjet 2 is easy and simple. The blender comes in 25 colours including some funky camouflage and stripy designs that will accommodate most peoples tastes.


The only fault with the Blendjet 2 is the silver logo on the front of the device has worn off from cleaning the product every day. This is however a small gripe compared to the extensive array of features available for this product. For further information visit the website -