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Quick Verdict - 4 out of 5

Overall the Marley XL headphones are exceptional. The cup size is snug but does not cover large ears completely but are still comfortable over long periods. The headband fits over a large head without squeezing too hard. The sound quality is loud and clear with decent connectivity and range. The metal and wood construction of the headphones scream quality and the overall design is tasteful and minimalistic. For $150 Australian dollars, there are not many brands in this price segment that comes close for the value for money.

Quick Verdict - 4 out of 5

Overall the Marley Positive Vibrations 2 are great headphones. The cup size is small but does not squeeze too hard on your ears. The headband fits nicely over a large head. The sound quality is clear with good connectivity and range. The construction of the headphones are solid and the overall design is a nice combination of metal and wood. The volume is not bone-shattering but for $99 Australian dollars the value is more than adequate.