Heat Gun - Ryobi One - 18V Cordless

Quick Verdict - 4 out of 5

Overall the Ryobi One cordless 18 volt heat gun is a great tool. The construction is durable and hard-wearing. The weight and ergonomics of the gun feel natural. The battery fits a massive variety of tools in the Ryobi One range and comes in different sizes of battery life. The heating for the gun is adequate but does not deliver the performance of a corded heat gun. Overall the portability of this item far out weights any issues this may create.

Working as a signwriter, an integral tool used in the industry is a heat gun.

Mostly used to strip stickers off hard surfaces it was important to have a tool that was able to apply heat quickly and accurately to control the application of heat in a certain area.

Too far away and the sticker would not be soft enough for removal, too close and the heat gun may damage the surface by burning and even worse, if the surface was glass, cause it to crack.

One problem with using this tool in various locations is the availability of power to connect a corded heat gun.

This is extremely problematic when you are required to strip lettering off a sign 5 metres off the ground in a cherry picker and the closest powerpoint is in a building 10 metres away.

Recently I decided to purchase the Ryobi One cordless heat gun to see if this would solve proximity problems.


The actual heat gun is light and well-weighted in the hand. Even with the heaviest battery used, your hand does not get tired from holding the gun for long periods.

The gun has a nice safety feature being a safety button on either side of the gun which can be depressed with a finger, enabling the trigger to be pulled to activate the gun. There is also a small LED light located on the bottom of the handle to light any surfaces while heating.

Material Quality and Design

The Ryobi one heat gun is made from predominantly plastic and is sturdy which can survive easily from knocks and being dropped on to a concrete floor. The design is modern with slightly softer touch plastic where the tool is gripped by the hand.

The heat gun feels well put together. Ryobi One's tools are all coloured in bright yellow and making them easy to see when sifting through toolboxes in the back of a truck.

The construction of the gun appears to be durable and hard-wearing. I have not had any malfunctions since the purchase of this product.

“The battery is Ryobi one's interchangeable battery that fits a massive variety of tools available in the range. ”

The heat gun also comes with 4 nozzle fittings, one of which can be used for for heating heat shrink tubes over electrical cables.


The Ryobi One cordless heat gun has a maximum heat range of 460 degrees. The heat gun definitely produces more heat than a hairdryer but unfortunately, the fan does not blow the same amount of heat onto the surface to be heated as a corded heat gun.

However, the ability to use the heat gun anywhere far outweighs this issue. The run time is estimated for 15 minutes with a 5.0AH battery.

The 18 volt battery is Ryobi One's interchangeable battery that fits a massive variety of tools available in the range.

The battery also comes in different sizes that last for longer periods of time depending on cost.


Overall the Ryobi one cordless heat gun is a very good investment for any DIY handyman or even for commercial application. The heat gun can easily cope with any job from sticker removal to window tinting application.

The Ryobi one heat gun is well priced compared to other manufactures and would be a welcome addition to any home handy man's work shed.

For further information visit the website - www.ryobi.com.au.