House Of Marley - Positive Vibration 2 - Wireless Headphones

Quick Verdict - 4 out of 5

Overall the Marley Positive Vibrations 2 are great headphones. The cup size is small but does not squeeze too hard on your ears. The headband fits nicely over a large head. The sound quality is clear with good connectivity and range. The construction of the headphones are solid and the overall design is a nice combination of metal and wood. The volume is not bone-shattering but for $99 Australian dollars the value is more than adequate.

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I purchased these headphones and have used them for approximately 6 months. These headphones are a perfect size for use in a work environment and have a small footprint compared to other XL over-ear headphones.

“The construction of the headphones are solid and the overall design is a nice combination of metal and wood.”

Material Quality

These headphones are constructed from wood, aluminium and stainless steel. I have used these headphones for approximately 6 months and no breakages or material failures have occurred. The metal cups are durable. They have not suffered from any major scratch marks although this is probably going to occur over time. Thankfully the assembly is resilient.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the headphones is crisp with adequate bass when you plug directly into an audio source. The volume, unfortunately, lowers slightly when listening with Bluetooth activated, although it is still very clear.


The design of the headphones is simple and elegant and complemented with wood decorative inserts in the outer sides of each ear which is a nice touch.


Bluetooth connectivity has a range of appropriately 15 metres depending on walls and surrounding obstructions.

Connecting through Bluetooth can be problematic at times. The fastest way to link is to activate Bluetooth on the source device to search for the headphones, then power up the headphones straight after, resulting in a quick connection. (This was the fastest way when connecting with a Samsung mobile phone)

Battery life

Battery life is 10 hours as stated by the House of Marley. I use my headphones frequently and the battery time is accurate.

Overall all these headphones are good value for the price and smaller footprint. For further information visit the website -